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How DAM Addresses Business Process Management

1. Introduction: New perspectives on DAM Managing digital files is often thought of as a basic necessity to structure your documents and images, by creating a simple image library or media archive. This perspective on digital asset management (DAM) is not false – it’s simply not the whole truth about what DAM can be for […]

DAM the Digital Transformation

Consumers want immediate responses, compelling content and seamless experiences. When it comes to digital transformation, we talk a lot about discovering what is needed, where and how to leverage technology and experience new ways of working. In this blog post I will discuss how Digital Asset Management (DAM) can DAM the Digital Transformation pushing your […]

The DRM Topic Heats Up

Managing digital copyrights is not a new topic. Yet, at Canto we have seen renewed interest from the marketplace.  Our top two attended webinars in the last 12 months were both on the topic of Digital Rights Management – and we host many webinars on various topics. In January 2015, CMS Wire published this article […]

What is Social DAM?

When it comes to business, everything is serious and gray – software vendors have been working hard to get this prejudice straight. Bernd Leukert, CEO of SAP, recently said in an interview, what good business software is about: “It must be fun to use. This is not only good for the software, but also for business.” Modern social […]

Pros and Cons of Working with Freelancers – and why cognitive capital will rule today’s attention economy

Producing creative content requires a vast variety skills. To get some insight on the pros and cons of working with freelance designers, video producers, copywriters and photographers we reached out to Steven Cook – Partner at one of Berlin’s most innovative creative agencies – Edenspiekermann. As a passionate observer – Steven turned the Q&A into […]

Borderless Sharing – Why businesses need to rethink the concept of building and shaping their brands in 2014

Digital Marketing

The digital age has revolutionized the way we communicate, search information and interact with brands. To stay on top of the game – businesses must invest both time and effort to build and shape their brands. Steven Cook, Creative Director and Partner at Edenspiekermann – one of Europe’s most innovative brand & design agencies – […]